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How it Works

We are flexible in our approach and diverse in our skill-set. Each project is different, and we treat it as such.



We receive customer requirements and needs. We build affordable technology solutions for businesses, large & small.


Action Plan

Based on the requirements and our recommendations, we collaborate with you to construct the best option for the project. We analyze the environment (WEB, Native or Hybrid iOS and/or Android).



By applying modern design principles along with the latest in mobile & web technologies, we create tailored solutions that add value by connecting people with each other.



Your product with certificate and back-up guarantee in your App Store.

Action Plan

Project Plan

Front-end (the mobile app)

Technology / Environment

Platform-specific Native -

Apps built with this approach are written separately for each mobile platform. Code can’t be reused between Android and iOS, but these apps can be fully optimized for each platform. The UI can look entirely native (so it will fit in with the OS) and the app should work fluidly.

Cross-platform Native -

Apps built with this approach have some (or entirely shared) code, but still run natively. Common technologies used for this are React Native. This is a nice middle ground between the various approaches in that it is more cost-effective, but can still be optimized and styled for each platform.

Hybrid -

Hybrid apps are built using web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and are installed via a native wrapper. This can be done using technologies such as Flutter.

APP Platform

Back-end (Web API & Server)

Technology / Environment

Language -

There are dozens of languages that can be used to build your API. Common languages used are Java, C#, Go-lang, javascript, NodeJS and Python. Most languages also have numerous frameworks that can be utilized.

Database -

There are two main types of modern databases. SQL and noSQL. SQL is more traditional and the best choice in almost all cases. Common SQL implementations include MSSQL, MYSQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. In addition to selecting a database engine, you have to design your particular database schema. Having reliable and well organized data is crucial to your long term success. We make sure this is well thought out.

Hosting Environment (Infrastructure) -

In this step you need to decide where and how your API and database will be hosted. Decisions made here will help determine the hosting costs, scalability, performance, and reliability of your application. Beyond picking a provider, you need to plan how your system will scale as your user base grows. Cloud-based solutions allow you to pay for resources as a utility and scale up and down as needed. They also help with database backups, server uptime, and operating system updates.

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APP Technology - NodeJS MongoDB

What we offer

iOS & Android / App Development

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we take your initial concept and merge it with everything the VASCO Solutions team knows about mobile, about startups, about what does and doesn't work. We turn ideas into actual products.

The feature set is your project’s heart. It’s a plain-English, written description of how your app is going to work. It’s what our designers use to come up with designs and our developers use as a guideline for coding. It is the foundation for all the steps to come.

We Make It Possible
iOS & Android - App Development

What we offer

Road Map (MVP) & Timeline

Part of the final stage of the action plan is defining your app’s roadmap. The goal of this process is to understand what your app could one day become and what it needs to be successful on day one. This day one version is often called your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Once we've reviewed an idea, it's time to start designing and building. From brand identity through full design and development, our in-house specialists spring into action. We are strong believers in data-driven decision making, which means that we adhere to an agile, analytics-driven approach. Build, test, launch, gather feedback. Rinse & repeat.

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APP Roadmap - Timeline

What we offer

Pricing Structure & Cost

Finally, a quotation is given with the costs of infrastructure, design, development and start-up of the mobile application including warranties, certificates of guarantee and support.


+1 954 603 4747

APP Cost


Developing the App

To us, it’s not an app. It’s a solution, a lifestyle toolkit, a high-performance piece of art. We use a four-step agile development process to allow for rigorous feedback and testing in the product design and development phases (used by all industry leaders). Our developers understand the specific requirements of Android and iOS platforms. They know how to build an intelligent architecture. They incorporate ongoing input from clients, user testing, and team feedback through a series of sprints that perform ongoing refinement. The result is a mobile app designed to fast become ingrained in people’s daily routines, to act dynamically to enhance their lives, whether they’re playing, working, or exploring.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

APP Design

Analysis / Design Thinking


UI/UX Design

Front-end App

Front-end Development

App Deployment




APP Hybrid

Architecture/Native, Hybrid or Web

Backend App

Back-end Development

Setting APP


APP Testing

Test Cases

App Test

Testing & QA

Monitoring APP


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We Make It Possible

We offer Perfect Solution

Web Application Development

We build powerful and scalable web apps that are custom made using agile development processes leveraging the latest web technologies.

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Web Aplication

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We have been 4 years of having VASCO Solutions as our technological partner (Development of Custom Software, Hosting, SEO and SSL) and it has been the best decision we have made. I will definitely suggest potential customers who need to get customized IT solutions and services.


Jorge Valdes

CEO CI Alliance Group

We have hired the service of VASCO SOLUTIONS, a truly professional, reliable and committed company. We are very grateful for the development carried out in the foreseen times and scopes.


Marcelo Bernal Gómez

CEO Electrotic's S.A.S.

It is our pleasure to have found a company like VASCO Solutions, since it has given us all its support in the development and maintenance of our web application. We are loyal to your ideas and would recommend 100%, because we are completely satisfied with your services.


Dr. Orlando Cardona

CEO Servicios en Salud (RadarMed)

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About us

What We Do

We started out as a small app development team in February 2010

We build affordable technology solutions for businesses, large & small. By applying modern design principles along with the latest in mobile & web technologies, we create tailored solutions that add value by connecting people with each other, businesses with their customers, and decision makers with valuable information, while simplifying business processes, accelerating production, and lowering costs.

We Offer:

Hosting CloudLinux -

Web hosting Made easy, safe and affordable. Free domain and SSL, disks 100% SSD in RAID 10 + NVMe, Unlimited Databases and emails, remote backups 30 days, Web server LiteSpeed with CloudFlare + Railgun

VPS and Dedicated Servers (Unmanaged Servers) -

VPS - Full ROOT Access. 1 dedicated IP, CPanel/WHM Control Panel.

Dedicated - Full ROOT Access. 2 dedicated IP. Immediate delivery.

Web Design -

Personal, Store or corporate Web Sites, 100% manageable and responsive for mobile devices.


Make your Web Site a safe site for browsers and users. Secure multiple domains with a single SSL (SAN) certificate. Expedition in 1 hour from $30,00USD.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engine positioning from $60,00 USD, monthly Report.

Cybersecurity -

Prevention before Reaction. Consulting, auditing and training in Cyberseguridad.

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